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Holy Crap it’s Been a Long Time…

So much has happened since my last post. Here’s the last 5 years, in summary:

  1. Moved from Roanoke to Chicago
  2. Met a girl
  3. Bought a house
  4. Moved into house with girl
  5. Got engaged to girl
  6. Got married to girl

Life has been pretty good 🙂

This is me…

Yup. Don’t hold your breath.

Source: shoeboxblog.com

New lens day!

So I was browsing Amazon and found a cheap Rokinon (Samyang) fisheye lens which seemed to get quite a lot of rave reviews. People couldn’t heap enough praise on it for a cheap lens. I just couldn’t resist!

It’s a little old school having to use the manual focus (hey if it was auto focus it wouldn’t go for just USD 299), but at 8mm focal length and such deep depth of field, I just leave the focus at 1m / 3ft with f/8 and everything is tack sharp.

I have to say I’m quite happy with this little guy. Time to go exploring!

I’m Ready for the Zombiepocalypse



So I’ve been nagging myself to workout more this year since the pants are getting little tight from too much bacon. I downloaded a pretty nifty app on my phone called Endomondo (works just like Runkeeper for those of you who use that) and it’s a great way to keep track of my running (or if you notice, mostly walking) with all the necessary (or unnecessary) stats. Here’s a log from my run today:


I’m really out of shape.

How to Make the Most Perfect Bacon Ever?

I tried this out this morning. Bacon turned out great but it took at least three times longer to cook it! Not sure it’s worth the wait and the effort so I’m stick to my usual bacon cooking method.

Welcome back!

… and we’re live again!

Sorry for the brief interruption. As you can now see, www.yuejon.com is now up and running. It is now powered by WordPress and the design is (hopefully) less cluttered and more minimalistic, which should make it easier to navigate and easier on the eyes. As a part of the migration to WordPress, I’ve had to delete all my old content (but really, who read that stuff anyway).

Who am I kidding? Who reads anything that I write anyway?

www.yuejon.com is undergoing a revamp


It’s been long overdue, but it’s time for a makeover. The old website was outdated and getting to be a pain to maintain. The last time I had redesigned the layout was back in 2008. I’m now opting for the (what I hope to be) relatively hassle free, plug and play, expandable, WordPress engine.

I’ve taken off most of my old content since this revamp is going to be all new and a fresh start.

Thanks for dropping by. New updates are on the way. Stay tuned.